Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

January 9, 2016

Proper Meditation

                               Kitty tucked under..
                               On what is he so focused?
                               Absolute stillness.

I don't think any human is ever as zen as a feline can be.  I wonder what a kitty is thinking when he/she sits all tucked under, resembling a loaf of bread.  Such a direct stare.  I wonder.  Does he chant in his mind?  :)  Om.. om.. om..  Or does he plan for an upcoming nap?  I have a meditation practice of my own.  But i just can't achieve that same kind of stillness.  I get antsy.  I think about all the things i could/should be doing.  I'm getting better at it though.  I'll be zen with stuff eventually, right?

Our kitty Snickers.  She looks focused on something, though i've no idea what..

You all have a beautiful Sunday tomorrow!  Peace, and i'll be back soon..