Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

June 10, 2015

Closing Time.. Temporarily :)

                      Time to close bloggie just for a couple of months. Haven't been posting much lately anyway. It's as if I have summer fever. But just because I'm not going to post, doesn't mean I'll stop visiting. It'll be sort of like a vacation away from home. :) Or kind of like a neighborhood block party, but I don't have to cook!  More time to focus on others and not so much on myself and what I have to say. I enjoy more, I think, when I don't worry about what to say here. I know blog is supposed to be fun and nothing to stress about, but I do. Gotta clear the cobwebs and figure out in what direction I want to go.

              So I'll be seeing you soon at your spots, just not here. Maybe even tomorrow. You all have a lovely Thursday, and peace to all!


June 7, 2015

That Summertime Feeling..

                  So all day today, I had that sweet summertime feeling. Like long, luscious days of summer are HERE. Oodles of time. Endless, expansive days of just pretty much anything I want to do. Remember when you were seven and it was the last day of school?  Vacation seemed so long. Twelve whole weeks of swimming, ice cream cones, playing outside until dark.. until 9pm!  Fantastic!  Grass stains on my knees and elbows. Well, I don't think I used words like expansive and fantastic when I was seven, but you know what I mean, right?  :) Today I felt like that. The feeling of excitement and anticipation. When husband and I went out to lunch we saw the signs displayed out in front of the schools around here. Last day of school, June 9th, or on some it was a day last week. And 'Have a great summer!' And I so remember the feeling!  Yay for summertime.. sum.. sum.. summertime!  Or, school's out for the summer!  That song. Yep.  School is out all right, and I am ready!

June 6, 2015

Heat Haiku

                         Temperature climbs!
                         My tiny arm hairs sizzle!
                         Long to go braless!

     Summer has arrived for certain.  Temp climbed to 90 today.  It's still 85 outside at nearly 10 pm.  This will be an air conditioning on all night night!

Soft yellowness...   Goodnight.

June 4, 2015


                         So i've been trying to avoid bad news lately.  Not attempting to avoid reality.  I'm a grownup, and realize things are not always going to be good.  One place i've been 'especially' avoiding is facebook.  Those hideous trending stories to the right of my page.  All kinds of crud over there.  It seems it's either about a shooting somewhere or some idiotic bit of celebrity news i care nothing about.  I like to choose what i read, and even if i don't click on the headlines, the stuff still gets in my head.  For me, it's like avoiding a gopher hole in the ground so i don't sprain an ankle.  Or walking through an opening in a fence without having to climb over it.

                              I spent three hours at the library this afternoon.  And even though i had my phone with me, i didn't look at it once!  I know.  I can't believe it either!  And i have access to Wi Fi there, of course.  But i looked at actual books.  And magazines.  Sometimes the only way not to hear bad news.. to filter it OUT.. is to unplug.  Be blissfully unaware.  I learn of all the stuff going on soon enough.  I don't live in a bubble.  And sure enough.. when i came home.. after i fed the kitties of course.. i turned on the TV machine.  So and so is running for President again.  There's been a 'serious' hack of government computers.  (That's actually sort of frightening.)  Television on for seven minutes before i plugged in the Netflix and watched an episode of Once Upon a Time.  A good fairy tale is excellent every so often.  As long as i remain grounded in the real world, what harm does it do?  Plus the election is just about a year and a half away.  And time flies.  It'll be here soon enough.  I've already started to turn a deaf ear.  Doesn't mean i don't care.  I'll just say i'm just not that into it yet.  And i don't think i ever will be.  I'll learn enough to make an educated decision for whom i'll vote.  I don't need all the noise that i know will be around between now and then!

                           I'm all about optimism.  Hear a piece of bad news, pat the kitties.  Another bit of crud.. eat (just a little) chocolate.  Even more.. read a chapter of a great book...  I'll not be dragged down. The world is full of good people and good things.  But those things are not sensational and don't mean high ratings for the TV channels.  And facebook.. well.. not going there for a few days.  I'll see how i like being away.  I just might not miss it at all!

Bright red rose bush in bloom right outside our front door!  How can i not be optimistic when i see this beauty every time i come and go?

                      Goodnight, all!  Peace..


June 2, 2015


                             Where is lots more time?
                             At bottom of wishing well?
                             In branch of fir tree?

                             Around the next bend?
                             Its elusive hiding place!
                             Tick tock, tick tock tick...

                             What can i leave out?
                             Not my love of reading books..
                             Not my lovely walks!

                             Something has to go!
                             Is there a good time potion..
                             To conjure much more?

                             Search the rabbit hole!
                             Black bunny lives in her hutch!
                             Her name is Wendy..

                                         Is she magic, and maybe has a spell to make more time?  Wendy the time magician's rabbit?  Must find myself a black hat and a magic wand...  Time just flies too quickly.  No magic.  I must appreciate what's real.  Use every moment wisely....  Make the very most of every minute!

                      Lovely lupine....

June 1, 2015

Rose Haiku

                                            Each soft rose petal
                                            Tells a beautiful story
                                            With its love me song

                    Good night, all!