Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

April 24, 2015


                          Shaun of the Dead = great!
                          Friday night film and popcorn!
                          Must keep my head on!

          This may be the most profound post i've ever done!  You all have a fabulous weekend!  Peace to all...

Tennessee wishes you love and peace also..

                          I'll be back soon!


April 23, 2015

Time and the Door

                   I used to think that I wanted to go back in time..
                        Just to visit for a day or two. To my own
                      Earlier time, not to very long ago..  not to a long ago century..
                           or to the time of timeless lovers Juliet and Romeo.. but to
                                    my own, sometimes foolhardy youth.
                            I pictured time as a big, solid oak door..
               Maybe painted a lovely shade of blue like the sky

                         But with a small window that I could see through,
                  So I could see where I was going, and what I would 'fix'
                                If only I could. In my imaginings.. the window in this
                      Door had bevilled glass. My visions were smudged.  The figures unclear.
                               And this oak door was heavy. It was heavy as I felt a snow
                           Covered mountain would be to move. Beautiful faces carved on my
                      Side of this door in the present. Faces of family and friends as they are.
                                            Looked through window three more times thinking it's magic.

                              What is the password to easily open this door?  Love?  A color, perhaps?
                         What color is the past?  A deep violet?  A vivid, passionate, loving red?
                       A warm shade of green?  The color of a lovely yellow rose?
                    The color of friendship?  I miss my grandparents and long to talk to them.

                                   But they are elsewhere. Still in our shared past.. in my memory.
                           Not on the other side of this heavy weighted door. I look for
                                   Their beautiful faces carved in the door, and there they are.
                                   I see them. On my side of the door, and I feel them
                             In my heart.

                                        I can't go back. Door too heavy. And nothing to be fixed. Or changed.
                               Goodness and life are on my side of the door. Savor the memories,
                              But love the faces of my present. I want to paint the door yellow.

                                                Color of love and joy. And to me, gratefulness.

April 8, 2015

Just This..

                  Woke up happy this morning. And I guess I am 'still' happy after a few minutes of sadness.
                            Fed kitties. Takes them a few minutes to eat their breakfast. Tennessee likes to eat a little.     Then drink some. Then go back to his food.

               I have to put his food 'up' every time he drinks so Snickers doesn't eat it. (Sometimes she's childlike and wants what her brother has.)

                             While waiting, I pull up my facebook page. First thing I see is a beautiful, but sad post from Home Free Farm, a farm animal rescue site from Ontario. It's the story of Winnie. A pig who was bred to be someone's dinner. She was loved by the girl she played with when she was a young pig. There is a photo.  Winnie has beautiful, loving eyes. The story tells how she was lured to a ramp, to go on to a truck to, you know...

                                                 Her special girl says goodbye...  I spill a few tears...

                         A few months ago, I decided to go vegetarian/vegan. As I said here, it's a personal decision, and I'll not judge what friends and family eat. The man I've shared my life with for 24 years eats meat, and likely always will. His choice. I love him and always will. I love my friends.

                                    I can only choose for myself.  But there are a couple of 'friends' who became malicious over my personal decision. Made unkind remarks. Posted things on MY page. I don't give a rat's ass what they post on their own. But I've always been picky about who my friends are, and I always will be.  Some will get the ax. On facebook or otherwise. I don't care who they are. I posted something one day about being kind. Not to animals, but just to people in general. One 'friend' commented, well, sometimes that's easier said than done.  And I thought, and please excuse my language, what the fuck is so hard about it?  For that and several other stupid things he/she said, this person is gone, at least from my universe.   Gone and not missed. Troll, troll baby. Just like that Vanilla Ice song from long ago..  Oh wait.. That's Ice, ice baby.  Anyway....

                                                      I'll never understand why some have such a hard time with the choices of others. I have loved animals my whole life, but ate them up until about 8 months ago..

                         Hypocritical of me. I'm the first to admit it. This post is much longer than I intended it to be.

                        Anyway, that story on Facebook was the first thing I saw online this morning. I'm over it now after having written this. But it was difficult to read. I wanted to reach into the photo and hug the sweet piggy.

                               My tears looked extra sparkly when they fell on my iPAD..........