Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

December 30, 2015

Las Vegas Haiku in Four Verses

                             Ick and smoky haze!
                             Constant noise and no daylight!
                             People look for what?

                             Wander through slots lost
                             Stare in space oblivious..
                             Just one more dollar..
                             Such life sucking place!
                             Dizzying and confusion!
                             Wanted my escape!

                             Now i am away!
                             Home with husband and my cats!
                             Big sigh of relief!

         Well, i have now experienced Las Vegas!  I wanted to go for a short holiday and was really looking forward to it, but i pretty much detested it.  I know it's a popular destination, and most people love it there.  Leave it to me to strongly dislike something.. someplace that's popular.  The crowds.  The smoke.  The bad, unhealthy food.  People go there in droves.  The tackiness.  The list of stuff i didn't like.  Okay, enough sour grapes, and i don't mean to demean those who like it.. it just wasn't for me.  Not passing judgment though.  Just because i don't get it.. doesn't make it bad.  To each our own, you know?  :)  But i'm glad, (like super duper glad) to be home!

I promise my next post will be more positive.  I just wanted to get a few things off my chest here, then put the awfulness behind me.

You all have a great rest of the evening, and a very Happy New Year to you!  I send peace and all my love to all!

I saw none of this while i was down there.  No natural beauty.  I missed it.  I'll be back here soon!  Peace.



December 6, 2015


                                            Christmas excitement
                                            Like swirly silver happy
                                            But most of all.. peace.

December 5, 2015


                           Love shortness of days..
                           Quiet like toasty blanket
                           Makes me content, safe.

December 4, 2015

Heavy Sigh

            Talk about guns and gun rights is rampant on my facebook page. It's exhausting. Same old.. same old. Those for gun control. Those who support the Second Amendment and want no changes. Read the comments section under any post about guns, and all the discussion and debate changes nothing. The chasm widens. 'Guns are the problem!' 'Take away the guns!' Then the.. 'No one will take my guns away!'  'I have a right to carry!'  And the memes that people post. Both sides, right and left post the 'facts'. But the facts are different. Opposing 'facts'.  Then religion comes into the heated discussion. Something horrendous happens as it happened this week, and people immediately.. and I'm talking minutes.. go to their respective corners. Just like in a boxing ring. And I want to scream, 'Fourteen People Just Died!!'  But everyone has an agenda and his/her 2 cents. It's always the same. I'm so done with it. I'm posting photos, (like I always do,) of shelter dogs and cats available for adoption. Classical music videos from YouTube. Book reviews. Photos of my own two kitties. Anything but stuff about guns.  I mean, aren't these people exhausted from yelling at each other? Of course, I can't literally hear the loudness and the disdain, but it's definitely there.  The constant arguments. And people are criticized for praying. 'Praying isn't the answer!' 'Stop praying!' Well, I figure if one doesn't think praying is the answer, then one shouldn't do it for goodness sake.  Some people pray. Deal with it. I've been thinking for quite awhile about getting rid of my facebook page.. but now I'm REALLY considering it. I think about how peaceful and calm and quiet my life would be... A facebook-less world. Contented sigh... Sounds more and more like a fabulous idea to me... !

December 2, 2015

Speechless Mostly

                                      Bloodshed and sorrow..
                                      Heartbreak, lack understanding..
                                      World full of chaos.

                          That's all........

November 30, 2015

Library Haiku In Three Verses

                                          The Library

                                  Overnight with books..
                                  Would be great slumber party!
                                  With just my friends, books!

                                  Magical stories..
                                  No lonely feeling with words!
                                  I like people too!

                                  Books come to life there!
                                  Original ideas!
                                  Thoughts passed on!

Yes.  The library is one of my favorite places.  I love the library when it's quiet and few people are there, but i also love when it's crowded and full of people reading and relaxing and learning.  I love it also, sometimes, when it's full of children and story hour is happening!  People are there for books and to learn and share ideas.  Learn about our pasts.  There is so much happiness there.

This an old building in the countryside about ten miles from Hillsboro, Oregon where i live.  It was once used as a library and a schoolhouse; i believe during the 1920s and 30s.  The other day, i heard that someone has bought this building and the land surrounding it and is planning to restore it!  That's good news, i think!  :)

         You all have a lovely evening, and i'll be back soon!


November 29, 2015

Red Rose

                                      Rose both soft and strong..
                                      So full is red of passion..
                                      Each petal sweet gift!

This is a photo i took this past summer in July,  and this lovely rose bush is right outside our front door!  Just gorgeous!

               You all have an absolutely wonderful Monday, and i'll be back soon!


November 28, 2015


                                Grateful for the love..
                                And our time with cherished ones..
                                Appreciate life.

November 27, 2015


                 That feeling when you're so full that you can barely move.  You feel the size of a house or a tank.  Like to even go check your mail, you need to put yourself in a wheelbarrow and have someone wheel you out there!  When you've sat so much that you think you should never, ever sit again.  That you're frozen in the sitting position.  Because you've read articles in reputable newspapers and magazines that talk about the health dangers of sitting too much..  And if you sit even for another half hour, it's all over for you.  And tomorrow you'll surely walk for miles to make up for all the sitting and eating you've done for two days!  And if you even look at another slice of turkey or another serving of stuffing, you might barf to Kingdom Come.  It was good going down.. but how could you have possibly eaten SO MUCH FOOD!?  And your brain isn't functioning properly, so you've been watching truly mindless things on Netflix when you haven't been watching football.  And you don't even like football at all, but your better half loves it, so you watch anyway, because, really, you don't understand it, and that's okay, because you're so full you don't want to think and you don't give a rat's hiney that you don't understand the game.  And no, you really don't want any more pie, even though it's your favorite kind.  Every kind is your favorite kind, but gross.  And no.  No more whipped cream.  And no more a la mode!  Not even a teaspoon full of creamy delicious topping of any kind.. because you might blow a gasket.  Whatever that means.  And you've finally managed to walk the several feet down the street to get your mail, and you've come back and plopped into your favorite chair for more mind numbing TV and maybe just a sliver of that leftover pumpkin pie, but no whipped cream thank you very much, because you don't want to weigh a ton, and you don't need the extra calories.  'Cause Lord knows you've eaten enough calories to last at least a week.  At least.  But what's that scent wafting toward you from the kitchen?  It's your better half making himself a hot turkey and stuffing and gravy sandwich 'cause he's hungry and there's another game on soon...   Sigh.........

But make no mistake.. I'm grateful for it all. My family. My friends, the enormous amount of food at our table. Thankful for all of it. I have a wonderful life and am grateful every single day!

November 26, 2015

Black Friday Not My Cup of Tea Haiku :)

                           No Black Friday here!
                           Netflix and relaxation!
                           Home with feet up, snacks!

You all have a great day whatever you decide to do!  I'll be back, and peace to all.


      Just a little endnote to let you know that i can now also be found here.  I've always wanted a place for my own short stories, and now i have one.  :)  It's something i've procrastinated for a long time.. now i've actually gone and done it.  Here's the other address.  I hope you'll come for a visit..


        Be back here soon!

November 25, 2015

Tree Haiku

                        Bereft of their leaves..
                        Time for trees to settle in..
                        Their long winter's nap.

You all have a beautiful Thanksgiving!  Peace and love.


              And a quick PS.. i can also now be found here.  I'd been thinking for a long time about starting a blog just for short stories, and i finally got off my butt and did it this afternoon.. well actually, that's not quite true, lol.  I'm very much on my butt and not going anywhere because i'm way too full of Thanksgiving feast.  Anyway, here's my new address:


   Maybe you'll come visit?  Have a lovely rest of your Thursday!

November 23, 2015

Just a Little Limerick

                              Gracie Kitty loves to be inside..
                              Being outside in the cold, she can't abide!
                              Inside Gracie has a comfy, warm bed!
                              She's warm and loved and very well fed!
                              Gracie has secret places where she loves to hide. :)

You all have a lovely day tomorrow, and I'll be back soon!


November 22, 2015

Nighttime Haiku

Good evening all!  It's been awhile again. I've been busy.. plus I had some nasty bronchitis. Luckily I had some great antibiotics that knocked the infection right outta me!  :)

I hope you're all having a lovely autumn!  I'm still getting used to the early darkness. Summer seemed to go by so quickly, and I can't believe the holiday season is almost here!  So tonight I just have this..

                                              Darkness heavy, black..
                                              Makes eyelids desire to close.
                                              Feel like a big bear. :)

Well, I can understand why some animals hibernate. Winter, (I know it's not officially here yet,) is slow.. restful. It's the natural way of things, but it's a good thing for full spectrum lights and vitamin D supplements!

You have a beautiful evening and a good Monday!


October 15, 2015


I foolishly thought I wanted to have a Wordpress blog. Silly me. Blech, that's all I can say. Well, maybe not all I can say. I can usually say plenty. Lol. I just don't like it over there. Thing is, I can't really pinpoint why. Oh well. Blogger is better. More fun. So, here I am. I never really left, but you know what I mean, right?

I cannot believe we're halfway through October. The holidays are close at hand. I see pumpkins everywhere. The leaves are wearing their autumn best!  Mornings are nice and crispy.  Our kitties are enjoying the evening breeze and all the fall scents. They're indoor all the time felines, but I leave the windows open for as long into the fall as I can. Not like in July when windows are often closed and the air conditioner is on a lot.

Anyway, now that I've decided Wordpress is not for me, I'll be here more often. It'll be like coming home after a trip away. :) Deep breath and happy sigh!

I hope you've all had a good week. Weekend is almost here. (Yes, sometimes I like to state the obvious.) :)  Before I retire for the evening, I just want to leave a little haiku..

                                             Apple pie is made..
                                             Sweet scent of lovely spices!
                                             Yummy flaky crust!

Nothing quite like a delicious slice of apple pie a la mode!

I'll be back soon, and peace to all..


October 3, 2015

Beauty Haiku In Three..

                             Blonde hair is pretty..
                             But kind heart is beautiful.
                             We must look closely.

                             Summer hot, intense..
                             But winter is still, serene.
                             Calm with loveliness!

                             Look past showiness!
                             Beauty is many layered..
                             View from all angles!

Deep beauty here.  Layers of soft wonder with a scent to match.

Have a lovely rest of your weekend, all.  I'll be back soon..


September 28, 2015

Antiques Roadshow Haiku in Three

                      Love the old treasures!
                      The books, the watches, and maps..
                      Art nouveau jewels!

                      Gems found at yard sales!
                      Handwritten letters I love..
                      The stories and fun!

                      Stuff from everywhere!
                      Patina and history..
                      Watch inner workings!

Yes!  Tonight is the season premiere of one of my favorite shows. Will be watching with popcorn!  I think the old maps are my very favorites!  But wait, perhaps the antique watches. The inner workings of a watch are works of art, in my opinion. It's almost time. And.. I'm having that pesky problem posting pictures!

I'll be back soon, though. You all have a lovely Tuesday..


September 22, 2015

A Little Haiku

                                        Autumn is at hand!
                                        Crisp in air and in apples!
                                        Time for pie, sweaters!

This is it for today.  Gotta come back slowly.  :)  Plus, i have a new laptop, which means a new keyboard and a different way to load photos!  It will take some getting used to.  Now -- let's see if i can add a couple of photos of some of the roses from our garden over the summer.

Yes!  I managed to post three!  Yay me!  Planning on a longer post tomorrow.  I've missed being here, but had a magnificent summer.  Missed you all lots.  I hope you've all had a wonderful first two days of the week.  (I know the week officially begins on Sunday, but to me it always seems to start for real on Monday.)  :)  And a splendid Equinox to all!

                Peace, and i'll be back soon!


September 2, 2015

Escape from the Netflix Vortex!

                          Eleanor the Kitty has escaped from Netflix!
                          For her all the choices were an addictive mix!
                          The search for the right show was the wrong kind of hunt..
                          Too hard to decide, so in the end she'd just punt!
                          It took too much time, so to escape was the right fix!

                          Eleanor decided she'd rather hunt mice..
                          A nap in a sunny corner is twice as nice!
                          Now there's more time to romp in the catnip..
                          And more time to spend with her Tuxedo friend, Pip!
                          Plus more time to play.. no need to ask twice!

          Well, in case you're wondering, I'm really the one who has escaped the Netflix Vortex!  Lol. I changed my name, and turned myself into a cat to protect the guilty!  There were just too many choices, so husband and I decided to get rid of the Netflix. I lost track of how much time I spent trying to decide what to watch. I could have just picked up a book, gone for a walk.. done any number of things, but I just sat and sat trying to make decisions!  Ridiculous!  Just too many shows!  Old ones. New ones. Mysteries. Comedies. Insanity. Especially for my menopausal mind. But that said, I'm still trapped in the Acorn Vortex. (For those of you who don't know, Acorn is a streaming service like Netflix that streams British shows.). I think Eleanor and I will 'have' to hold on to that one!

                    You all have a beautiful day. Time for me to go, and do something other than watch a movie or a classic TV show on the Tube!  Peace to all..


August 15, 2015


                  The summer is absolutely flying by. August half over as of today!  Every single summer, as it nears its end, I think this. If only I could reach out and grab it as it comes like a softball. If only I had a magic glove..  Alas. Time is what it is. It must be savored. Every minute. I hope you are all having a beautiful summertime!  We need rain here. Dry, dry, parched we are. Just a little, quick rhyme to say hello and goodnight.

                                          Why must time pass so very fast?
                                          There is no trick to make it last!
                                          Roses bloom, then the soft petals fall..
                                          Their scent is fleeting, quick.. and no way to stall!
                                          Savor every moment, for soon it will be past!

Love and peace to you all..


June 10, 2015

Closing Time.. Temporarily :)

                      Time to close bloggie just for a couple of months. Haven't been posting much lately anyway. It's as if I have summer fever. But just because I'm not going to post, doesn't mean I'll stop visiting. It'll be sort of like a vacation away from home. :) Or kind of like a neighborhood block party, but I don't have to cook!  More time to focus on others and not so much on myself and what I have to say. I enjoy more, I think, when I don't worry about what to say here. I know blog is supposed to be fun and nothing to stress about, but I do. Gotta clear the cobwebs and figure out in what direction I want to go.

              So I'll be seeing you soon at your spots, just not here. Maybe even tomorrow. You all have a lovely Thursday, and peace to all!


June 7, 2015

That Summertime Feeling..

                  So all day today, I had that sweet summertime feeling. Like long, luscious days of summer are HERE. Oodles of time. Endless, expansive days of just pretty much anything I want to do. Remember when you were seven and it was the last day of school?  Vacation seemed so long. Twelve whole weeks of swimming, ice cream cones, playing outside until dark.. until 9pm!  Fantastic!  Grass stains on my knees and elbows. Well, I don't think I used words like expansive and fantastic when I was seven, but you know what I mean, right?  :) Today I felt like that. The feeling of excitement and anticipation. When husband and I went out to lunch we saw the signs displayed out in front of the schools around here. Last day of school, June 9th, or on some it was a day last week. And 'Have a great summer!' And I so remember the feeling!  Yay for summertime.. sum.. sum.. summertime!  Or, school's out for the summer!  That song. Yep.  School is out all right, and I am ready!

June 6, 2015

Heat Haiku

                         Temperature climbs!
                         My tiny arm hairs sizzle!
                         Long to go braless!

     Summer has arrived for certain.  Temp climbed to 90 today.  It's still 85 outside at nearly 10 pm.  This will be an air conditioning on all night night!

Soft yellowness...   Goodnight.

June 4, 2015


                         So i've been trying to avoid bad news lately.  Not attempting to avoid reality.  I'm a grownup, and realize things are not always going to be good.  One place i've been 'especially' avoiding is facebook.  Those hideous trending stories to the right of my page.  All kinds of crud over there.  It seems it's either about a shooting somewhere or some idiotic bit of celebrity news i care nothing about.  I like to choose what i read, and even if i don't click on the headlines, the stuff still gets in my head.  For me, it's like avoiding a gopher hole in the ground so i don't sprain an ankle.  Or walking through an opening in a fence without having to climb over it.

                              I spent three hours at the library this afternoon.  And even though i had my phone with me, i didn't look at it once!  I know.  I can't believe it either!  And i have access to Wi Fi there, of course.  But i looked at actual books.  And magazines.  Sometimes the only way not to hear bad news.. to filter it OUT.. is to unplug.  Be blissfully unaware.  I learn of all the stuff going on soon enough.  I don't live in a bubble.  And sure enough.. when i came home.. after i fed the kitties of course.. i turned on the TV machine.  So and so is running for President again.  There's been a 'serious' hack of government computers.  (That's actually sort of frightening.)  Television on for seven minutes before i plugged in the Netflix and watched an episode of Once Upon a Time.  A good fairy tale is excellent every so often.  As long as i remain grounded in the real world, what harm does it do?  Plus the election is just about a year and a half away.  And time flies.  It'll be here soon enough.  I've already started to turn a deaf ear.  Doesn't mean i don't care.  I'll just say i'm just not that into it yet.  And i don't think i ever will be.  I'll learn enough to make an educated decision for whom i'll vote.  I don't need all the noise that i know will be around between now and then!

                           I'm all about optimism.  Hear a piece of bad news, pat the kitties.  Another bit of crud.. eat (just a little) chocolate.  Even more.. read a chapter of a great book...  I'll not be dragged down. The world is full of good people and good things.  But those things are not sensational and don't mean high ratings for the TV channels.  And facebook.. well.. not going there for a few days.  I'll see how i like being away.  I just might not miss it at all!

Bright red rose bush in bloom right outside our front door!  How can i not be optimistic when i see this beauty every time i come and go?

                      Goodnight, all!  Peace..


June 2, 2015


                             Where is lots more time?
                             At bottom of wishing well?
                             In branch of fir tree?

                             Around the next bend?
                             Its elusive hiding place!
                             Tick tock, tick tock tick...

                             What can i leave out?
                             Not my love of reading books..
                             Not my lovely walks!

                             Something has to go!
                             Is there a good time potion..
                             To conjure much more?

                             Search the rabbit hole!
                             Black bunny lives in her hutch!
                             Her name is Wendy..

                                         Is she magic, and maybe has a spell to make more time?  Wendy the time magician's rabbit?  Must find myself a black hat and a magic wand...  Time just flies too quickly.  No magic.  I must appreciate what's real.  Use every moment wisely....  Make the very most of every minute!

                      Lovely lupine....

June 1, 2015

Rose Haiku

                                            Each soft rose petal
                                            Tells a beautiful story
                                            With its love me song

                    Good night, all!


May 31, 2015

Easy Going Sunday

                            Lovely afternoon.. just spent some time in our backyard with husband.  Roses are blooming and beautiful, lupine is purple and prolific.  :)  The lilacs, tulips and daffodils passed by weeks ago.  Spring comes early to the Pacific Northwest.  The days have been warm and full of sunshine, though the weather people are predicting overcast and showers for the next couple of days.  We have the air conditioning on.  Friday was the first day of the spring/summer for that.  In my mind, i'm making little plans for tomorrow.  It might be a good day for a spot of baking.  Cookies?  Bread? A cake?  Chocolate chip?  Oatmeal?  Banana?  Maybe something not dessert-ish, but then again, why not?  The days are getting longer, i'm spending more time walking and all around outdoors, so i'm getting more exercise.  Cutting back on calories, but still splurging now and then.  I think a cake.  I love to bake.  I like to cook too, but there's something special about baking.  Mixing ingredients together.  It's meditative..  I love to sift flour.  Sounds odd, doesn't it?  Then i look at the finished product and think, hey!  I made that.  It's sort of like when i do a sketch that i like.  I like to do things with my hands..

                     Anyway, we are getting ready to watch something on Netflix.  I'm thinking maybe a mystery, but nothing too dark.  But then, we've been watching episodes of Rebus on Acorn.  Those can be quite dark, but they are excellent.  Based on Scots author Ian Rankin's novels.  Love 'em!  The show is good, but the books are better.  And there's not a new Rankin coming out until November.  I'm not very good at waiting, but that's just too darned bad.  lol.

               So enough rambling for now..  I just want to add a couple of photos of some of our roses.  We have quite a few varieties of all colors.  Some have scent; some don't.  Can't decide which ones are my favorites.  I think today, i choose the yellows.  Maybe tomorrow i'll like the pinks better?  :)

Aren't they stunning?  When tulips show up in the springtime, they are my absolute favorite.  But then!  Then the roses make their grand, gorgeous entrance!  And i just can't get enough of them.  I have numerous photos, but i don't want to overwhelm anyone, so i'll add maybe a couple to each post!

                          I wish you all peace and a lovely Sunday evening!  I'll be back soon...


May 28, 2015

Here I Sit

                           Here I sit watching an episode of Midsomer Murders on PBS. Windows open. Beautiful breeze. Husband on a two night trip to Cali for work. Coming home tomorrow. Nice and quiet. Just two kitties and me. Have glass of wine, Pinot Noir, and a good book beside me for when the show is over. Hotel du Lac by Anita Brookner. The dishes can wait until morning to be done. Same with the laundry. I don't procrastinate as often as I used to, but once in awhile...

                Don't have a lot to say. :). Doesn't mean I'm unhappy. On the contrary. Do you ever feel so grateful for your life and everyone and everything in it that you are nearly speechless with that gratitude?   ...........

May 26, 2015

wordless wednesday

    Or maybe just one word.. Pink!  And maybe one more.. Joy!  You all have a lovely Wednesday!

                            I'll be back soon..


May 24, 2015

No Flying Haiku!

                            No flying for me!
                            I like my terra firma!
                            No desire for wings!

               Yep.  I'm a homebody.  Husband and i had been talking about flying to the east coast this summer, but i have no desire to get on a plane.  The flight itself.  The wait in various airports.  The airport food.  The plane food.  All those hours in the air that drive me batty.  No thank you.  :)  So i asked him.. on a scale of 1-10, how important is it to you that we go?  Anyway, we've decided not to make the trip.  I could not be more relieved.  It will not be hanging over my head all summer long.  I like to take trips.  In a car.  I wouldn't mind a dogsled, or a train.  But not a plane.  No how, no way!

                        So, i'm a very happy woman this Sunday evening!  You all have a wonderful Memorial Day.


This is a rose from early last summer.  I need to work on loading some of this year's photos onto my laptop.  Maybe tomorrow.  We have many blooming right now, and i've been busy snapping photos of them.  Pinks, yellows, reds, on and on.  I'll be back soon, and peace to you all!


May 22, 2015

Columbo Haiku :)

                                  Columbo will know!
                                  No secret is safe from him!
                                  Oh, just one more thing!

Husband and i are watching a couple of episodes of Columbo on Netflix this fine Friday evening.  I have a kitty in my lap, and he has a kitty in his lap.  (My husband, not Columbo.)    All four of us on the couch.  :)  Big excitement at our house tonight!  No wild parties here.  We will totally be in bed by 11.


This was our first dandelion of the springtime.  At least the first one i saw, and i wanted to get a photo.  I personally love them, though i know not everyone feels the same.

                    You all have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend!  I'll be back soon...


May 20, 2015


               Well, i couldn't do it.  I just couldn't stay away for 5 days.  I gave it an honest try, and managed about 48 hours.  And it was difficult.  What was kind of creepy, was how mindlessly i reached for my phone.  I have never talked on the phone or texted while driving.  I draw the line there.  Those things are illegal, and with good reason.  I didn't text or talk in the car before there was a law against it.  I've always thought those who do are absolutely nuts.  I always thought.. really??  You can't wait until you GET somewhere??  Wow.  But i'm pretty 'bad.'  My phone?  Where's my phone?  Is it in my purse?  Where did i put it?  And my iPad.  Now there's a most excellent piece of electronics!  And i am surrounded by books, and many other things to do.  But so often, i choose to play with the gadgets.  I've accepted that i can never go back to the way i was 'before.'  lol.  Before i came over to the dark side.  I just love the dark side too much, i guess.  It's not facebook i miss when i'm offline.  It's the blogs i love.  The websites i like.  Open Culture.  Arts and Letters Daily.  Words Without Borders.  (Fiction and non-fiction translated to English from other languages.)  Beautiful writing from all over the world.  And there is no print version.  It's all on the web.  The world at my fingertips.  I don't want to be away from it.  For long, anyway.  I have; however, been able to cut back.  Going cold turkey won't work for me.  But i can set time limits.  No more looking up at the clock and realizing that a half hour or an hour has gone by whilst i've been busy scrolling.  No more disengaging from the world around me because i'm so enthralled by the words on the screens.  So this was an experiment that failed in some ways.  But i'm no longer going to beat myself up because i like to play on the gadgets.  Usually, i learn a lot while i play.  And there's so much good in being connected!  Well, there it is.  And with that, my time is almost up.  Almost time to put my pencil down on the desk and turn the test over.  But wait!  :)

I just want to leave you with this little rhyme before i retire for the evening...

                                                Watching Nova about being hacked!
                                                Online can be dangerous, that's a fact!
                                                But i love my iPad..
                                                It's so much more than just a passing fad!
                                                But i must make sure my minutes on the web are not
                                                       too stacked.  (Or something like that.  I sort of lost it at the end.  lol)

And just one pretty late springtime photo!

One day, in a few months, these will become apples!

                                    Have a beautiful Thursday.. i'll be back soon!


May 15, 2015


                                  Summer is coming!
                                  Time of intense azure sky!
                                  Nighttime wine and song!

              The days are so long now. I love this time of year. Much anticipation of the Solstice. But must not rush the days by, have to savor each minute.

                   You all have a wonderful weekend. Love and peace to all!


May 14, 2015

Agent Dangerous

                     Agent Byron Dangerous likes his oatmeal cold..
                     His hair in a pony tail, and his chartreuse ties bold!
                     He enjoys rainy weather..
                     And his scrambled eggs and ketchup mixed together!
                     His big white ranch house has just been sold!

                     Byron's moving in with his girlfriend Charlene..
                     She's six foot two, with a frame quite lean!
                     She madly loves Dangerous..
                     Who's not the least bit cantankerous!
                     In her long, fiery locks, she wears ribbons of green!

                     Sometimes Byron acts nutty, but he's really quite smart..
                     He paints in watercolor, it's his favorite kind of art!
                     By and Charlene are moving to a big Mansard home..
                     In its backyard garden lives a mischievous little gnome!
                     Oh, and i can't forget Charlene's kitty..
                          His name is Kevin, and he likes to fart!

                                Mary R.

                           To be continued in a future post..

                       You all have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend to come!  I'll be back soon..


May 12, 2015


                             Rain is nourishment!
                             Droplets quench thirst of flowers..
                             Drink for each petal!

We had some much needed rain here in northwest Oregon today!  I have been loving the sunny, warm days of springtime, but sunshine is not usual for this part of the country this time of year.  And as lovely as it's been, the grass, plants and reservoirs are thirsty!  So today was a nice, quiet day of reading, errands and .... more reading.  Oh and getting my very long hair chopped.  Eight inches lopped off the back, and i now have a chin length bob.  I feel rather naked.  A little naughty!  A good kind of naughty if there is such a thing, (and i think there is.)  Anyway, it's still raining, and i can hear the beautiful sound on our roof as i type.  Our kitties are enjoy the peacefulness too.  :)

A magical corner of our yard a few weeks ago.  The tulips are long gone, but were gorgeous while they lasted.

I wish you all peace and a lovely Wednesday!  Be back soon!


May 11, 2015


                                  Is pink rose more sweet?
                                  Or is caramel with salt?
                                  Both have texture silk!

           Slowly coming back to online-ness.  It's been good to spend less time on screens, but i've missed the blog world!  I haven't left facebook, but i go there much less often.   I plan to spend, in the future, lots more time visiting you all and writing here on blog.  In many ways, this is a far friendlier place.

This is more of a deep, sexy pink than a soft, sweet shade.  :)  Bye for now, but i'll return a lot sooner this time!  I wish you all peace and happy springtime!


April 24, 2015


                          Shaun of the Dead = great!
                          Friday night film and popcorn!
                          Must keep my head on!

          This may be the most profound post i've ever done!  You all have a fabulous weekend!  Peace to all...

Tennessee wishes you love and peace also..

                          I'll be back soon!


April 23, 2015

Time and the Door

                   I used to think that I wanted to go back in time..
                        Just to visit for a day or two. To my own
                      Earlier time, not to very long ago..  not to a long ago century..
                           or to the time of timeless lovers Juliet and Romeo.. but to
                                    my own, sometimes foolhardy youth.
                            I pictured time as a big, solid oak door..
               Maybe painted a lovely shade of blue like the sky

                         But with a small window that I could see through,
                  So I could see where I was going, and what I would 'fix'
                                If only I could. In my imaginings.. the window in this
                      Door had bevilled glass. My visions were smudged.  The figures unclear.
                               And this oak door was heavy. It was heavy as I felt a snow
                           Covered mountain would be to move. Beautiful faces carved on my
                      Side of this door in the present. Faces of family and friends as they are.
                                            Looked through window three more times thinking it's magic.

                              What is the password to easily open this door?  Love?  A color, perhaps?
                         What color is the past?  A deep violet?  A vivid, passionate, loving red?
                       A warm shade of green?  The color of a lovely yellow rose?
                    The color of friendship?  I miss my grandparents and long to talk to them.

                                   But they are elsewhere. Still in our shared past.. in my memory.
                           Not on the other side of this heavy weighted door. I look for
                                   Their beautiful faces carved in the door, and there they are.
                                   I see them. On my side of the door, and I feel them
                             In my heart.

                                        I can't go back. Door too heavy. And nothing to be fixed. Or changed.
                               Goodness and life are on my side of the door. Savor the memories,
                              But love the faces of my present. I want to paint the door yellow.

                                                Color of love and joy. And to me, gratefulness.

April 8, 2015

Just This..

                  Woke up happy this morning. And I guess I am 'still' happy after a few minutes of sadness.
                            Fed kitties. Takes them a few minutes to eat their breakfast. Tennessee likes to eat a little.     Then drink some. Then go back to his food.

               I have to put his food 'up' every time he drinks so Snickers doesn't eat it. (Sometimes she's childlike and wants what her brother has.)

                             While waiting, I pull up my facebook page. First thing I see is a beautiful, but sad post from Home Free Farm, a farm animal rescue site from Ontario. It's the story of Winnie. A pig who was bred to be someone's dinner. She was loved by the girl she played with when she was a young pig. There is a photo.  Winnie has beautiful, loving eyes. The story tells how she was lured to a ramp, to go on to a truck to, you know...

                                                 Her special girl says goodbye...  I spill a few tears...

                         A few months ago, I decided to go vegetarian/vegan. As I said here, it's a personal decision, and I'll not judge what friends and family eat. The man I've shared my life with for 24 years eats meat, and likely always will. His choice. I love him and always will. I love my friends.

                                    I can only choose for myself.  But there are a couple of 'friends' who became malicious over my personal decision. Made unkind remarks. Posted things on MY page. I don't give a rat's ass what they post on their own. But I've always been picky about who my friends are, and I always will be.  Some will get the ax. On facebook or otherwise. I don't care who they are. I posted something one day about being kind. Not to animals, but just to people in general. One 'friend' commented, well, sometimes that's easier said than done.  And I thought, and please excuse my language, what the fuck is so hard about it?  For that and several other stupid things he/she said, this person is gone, at least from my universe.   Gone and not missed. Troll, troll baby. Just like that Vanilla Ice song from long ago..  Oh wait.. That's Ice, ice baby.  Anyway....

                                                      I'll never understand why some have such a hard time with the choices of others. I have loved animals my whole life, but ate them up until about 8 months ago..

                         Hypocritical of me. I'm the first to admit it. This post is much longer than I intended it to be.

                        Anyway, that story on Facebook was the first thing I saw online this morning. I'm over it now after having written this. But it was difficult to read. I wanted to reach into the photo and hug the sweet piggy.

                               My tears looked extra sparkly when they fell on my iPAD..........

March 20, 2015


                               Red tulip perfect..
                               With passion and beauty soft!
                               Bee rests in center..

                                       Mary R.

            You all have a beautiful weekend!


March 13, 2015


                           Sweet puma pawed tux!
                           Dressed for a black tie affair!
                           Green eyes have mischief!

                                    Mary R.

          Have a lovely weekend!  Peace and love to all!


March 12, 2015

Flower Multiplication!

                        Sweet dents de lion!
                        Butter yellow lion heads!
                        Seeds fly after bloom!

                         Mary R.

                Have a fabulous Friday, and peace to all of you!


March 11, 2015

Favorite Show

                      Must keep appearance!
                      Love that Hyacinth Bucket!
                      But Rose is more fun!

 Husband in Seattle all week at conference, and i've been watching Keeping Up Appearances on Netflix.  Love everything about this show.  I have seen every episode many times, but for me, this show never gets old.  :)  The waterside supper with riparian entertainment is hilarious every time i see it.

     Hope you all have a lovely Thursday!  Peace!


March 10, 2015


                              Fine point on paper..
                              White lined moleskine journal still..
                              Better than to type!

We have blossoms and daffodils and hyacinths!  Spring has officially, (well, not on the calendar quite yet,) arrived!  But we need rain.  We really do.  :)

  Love and peace to you this Tuesday evening.  I'll be back, maybe sooner next time!


March 3, 2015

Stuff From 3/3/15

                            Just a few random things of no particular importance from my day. First of all, I can't believe it's already March 3rd!  Wasn't Christmas last week?  :) I had, (and still have,) a long list of things I wanted (want) to do in the first 6 months of '15.  Waaaaay behind on my reading goal.. And my weight loss goal.. and my keep-in-touch-with-people letter writing goal, and.. and.. and... As usual, online is a huge distraction for me. I said I was going to nip that in the bud. Set time limits. Well, I've set the time limits, but I'm rebelling against them. No surprise to those who know me well. If I can procrastinate something, I will totally do it!  And yes, I can even procrastinate in procrastinating. I've made a little progress in my battle with the procrastination monster, but I need to make more.

                        As for my reading goal of 36 books this year, I've read only 3 so far. I have a long way to go!  Thing is, I have such a wonderful home library, that it's hard to choose what to read at any given time. And the actual library is one of my favorite places ever!  I go there 2 or 3 times a week. I'm forever returning books, borrowing more, and donating books of my own that I either start and don't like, that have been in my bookshelves 'forever', and I know I'll never read, or books I've read that I don't want to read again and therefore don't need to keep!  Plus, there's the fact that I can't seem to borrow just 2 or 3 at a time. It has to be at least a half a dozen. It really IS ridiculous. There's the fact, too, that there's so much wonderful stuff to read on the interwebz!  As you know, there's a whole Universe of delicious reading goodies. Must. focus. Must!  Lol. Of course, then there's the fact that to read, and be online.. I sit. On my arse. It will be jam pretty soon if I don't get OFF it!  (I can't blame gravity for all my woes, now can I?) it IS a law and all, but I could be doing much more to reduce its effects!

                     And what's another thing that's become an enormous distraction over these winter months?  Ah yes. NETFLIX!  And Acorn. Acorn. That little squirrelly nut in the form of awesome British TV show brought directly into my home for my viewing pleasure!  I love the British TV!  When it was 'just' Downton Abbey Sunday nights on PBS, I was 'safe'. But now there's Time Team, Midsommer Murders, Vera, Inspector Morse, Republic of Doyle (Canadian,) Miss Fisher Mysteries (Australian,) Doc Martin!  Shall I go on?  No!  I've talked long enough. I am solely responsible for my lack of action. My jelly arse laziness. My (almost) complete failure to meet my goals. I feel better already talking about it here. Confession is good for the soul, after all!  Thank you so much for your patience.. for listening to md drone on. Drooooooooone!  I swear, my next blogpost will be filled with thrills!  Well, maybe not. But I'll try to give it more plot. Maybe a little less 'character development'.  Snort.

                     Until then, I wish you all a wonderful Hump Day!  Sending peace!  I'll return!


February 25, 2015

Nova Haiku

                                 Science-y shows rock!
                                 Love a great documentary!

                                     Mary R.

This has been an excellent month for new PBS shows, and Nova is a super favorite!  I always make popcorn when i watch.  Always.  Some people like movies.  Like, oh i don't know.. Star Wars.  I love me a great documentary.  I eat it up with a spoon to get every drop!

    You all have an excellent day tomorrow..  Peace, and i'll be back soon..


February 23, 2015


                                   Will summer arrive if i close my eyes and count to 10??
                                Will i lose 20 pounds if only i close my eyes and visualize?
                                    Will i shrink some if only i take a super long shower?

                                         If i eat that big piece of cake.. (chocolate of course,)
                                    Will it enhance the gravity in my breasts, not add weight to my thighs?
                                         How about if i listen to some fast tempo swing music instead
                                    of my beloved 'slow' classical music..  will time go faster?

                         Of course i know the answer to all these questions.  It's the same answer.. a resounding NO!

                              But i'm okay with that.  All is as it should be.  Because time, (and excess weight) go as they should.  In their own way.  Well, time anyway.  The weight thing takes more time and effort on my part.  But i can help it along a little!  And i'm trying!  :)  And i have another question while i'm here.  Why does gravity have to be a law??  Dang it!  Because if there's one law i could break.. it sure is that one!

                          I hope you're all having a wonderful Monday!  Peace, and i'll be back soon!


February 20, 2015


                                    Pink, soft and springtime..
                                    Each petal sings joyfully!
                                    All in harmony!

                                       Mary R.

                     Have a splendid weekend, all!

February 19, 2015


                        Bee on daffodil..
                        Doing his splendid, good work.
                        I named him Stuart..

Have a lovely Friday, all!


February 16, 2015


                            Smooth, rich, love, comfort..
                            Melt in my mouth loveliness!
                            Fave dark with almonds!

Have a great Tuesday, all!  Peace!


February 15, 2015


                                One step then one more!
                                The next corner i round fast..
                                Clear cobwebs from brain!

                                Movement important!
                                Unless i want butt of jam!
                                No Jello arse here!

                                Round to the next block..
                                To look straight ahead.. not down!
                                Miles before next sit!

                                Hip pain dissolves quick..
                                Late winter scents fill my sense!
                                Humans meant to move!

No scent of these lovelies quite yet!  But i can sense their softness to touch, and their beautiful smell in my wintertime imaginings!  I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!  I'll be back..


February 2, 2015

Leafless and Resting

                             Oak takes winter's nap!
                             Branches await friends' return..
                             Leaves wait patiently!

                                 Mary R.

I hope you're all comfy and warm as you await spring's arrival.  We have had unusually warm, sunny weather for Oregon this time of year.  I'm loving the beautiful days, but really, we need the rain.  This makes me wonder what our summertime will be like?

The vivid azure and white swirls of an Oregon summer sky!  I'll be back soon, and have a beautiful Tuesday...


January 24, 2015

The Pine

                                  Scent of fallen pine..
                                  For animals a new home!
                                  Raise family there.

Have a lovely remainder of this weekend, all.  And i wish you peace.  I'm going low tech for a few days, but i'll be back.  Too much online 'noise' for me lately.  Of course, it's my own fault.  Have to make myself turn off.  Maybe i need a forest walk in the rain?  No devices allowed.  Just the rain, the smells, the trees...

A Springtime scene.  Green grass, mossy fence, and tulips.  I. must. not. rush. time!  I'll be back.. maybe Wednesday or the day before or the day after, or maybe next weekend.  Sometime.  (I don't like to pin myself down.)  :)



January 19, 2015


                                       Strong roots of oak tree..
                                       Human roots in a loved home..
                                       Time makes for deep strength.

                                          Mary R.

Our Snickers.  I know cats can be wanderers, but i like to think Snickers has roots here in our home with husband and me.  We treasure her, and she owns us for sure!

               Sending peace on this Monday evening..  Have a beautiful day tomorrow..