Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

August 2, 2014

Froggy Love!

                             Froggy Stella Jean is in search of a mate!
                             E-Harmony's no good for her to find a date..
                             She has a big crush on a froggy named Tom Bond..
                             He lives near sweet Stella out on Blue Pond!
                             Tom's the best looking froggy in her whole big state!

                             Stella loves to wear her little purple hat!
                             She's super duper fashionable, and that is that!
                             Tom's a little messy..
                             Not at all well dressy.. (poetic license :) )
                             Stella wants to help choose his wardrobe 'stat'!

                             Tom has surely noticed Stella..
                              She could certainly be his Cinderella!
                              But she has no slipper of glass..
                              Only plenty of sass!
                              Tom wants to be kind enough to be Stella's fella!

                                      Mary R.

You all have a lovely weekend, and I'll be back soon!  Peace and love and happy summertime!