Sweet Tennessee!

Sweet Tennessee!

July 28, 2013

The Continuing Story of Duke and Tammy On the Lammy!

Remember Duke Larry the Snail of North Street?
The snail who steals mail on South Avenue of Sweet..
He's on the run with Tammy..
Who's with him on the lammy!
They hide out together in the big field of wheat!

Officer Dyme loves to follow their trail of slime..
They know identity theft is a real bad crime!
They run and hide..
Far and wide..
And stop at pubs on the way and drink gin with lime..

The lovers stay together in a safe house made of bricks!
Tammy bakes many cakes, chocolate ones, just for kicks!
They swim in the sun..
Two lovers on the run..
Though they live in a field, they've no trouble with ticks!

Sweet Tammy wears some lovely blue dresses
That go so well with her shiny blonde tresses!
At night they dance together,
In rain or beautiful weather!
They're great at cleaning up their slimy, snail-y messes!

Where they hide out, there's no TV..
And Tammy sure misses her OPB!
Duke misses baseball..
He can't go to the mall..
Because they also hide out from FBI Agent Snee!

Mary R.

All for this evening...  :)

Have a lovely Monday, and i'll be back soon.  M